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Who We Are:


Texprint Limited started on January 1st 1986 by Valentine Tex & Polly Surajdeen with almost no resources except knowledge, experience, dedication and family support.

With just 2 Heidelberg Letterpress Printing Presses and no clients, Tex decided to do charitable work for anyone who needed a fund-raising flyer or ticket. Our first "paying" client was Consolidated Appliances for whom we did the line of their internal stationery.

One of the clients who came to do a fundraiser ticket worked at a bank, and thought that it would have been nice to give back something, so we started doing their business cards and graduated to their annual reports.

Tex and his team were forward thinking, so we reinvested and updated our tools as well as staff training, taking us to the digital age smoothly. We were actually one of the first to have embraced digital printing as well as computer-to-plate technology, saving the clients time and money,

Fast-forward to today and with an efficient team, as well as the best tools, we are a one-stop shop, offering from concept to finish of your printing needs.

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