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Basic Business Card Design Tips:

So you want an exclusive business card that represents your company and impress clients.

We offer graphic arts and design, or if you have the tools, you can do it yourself.

Many clients like to create their own artwork, so if you're on that page, here are some tips.

• Be mindful of copyright designs and graphics that are on the internet, as you don't want to run into copyright infringement. There are sites that offer free graphics and others where you can pay a small fee for them.

• There's a standard size to work with and it's 3.5" x 2" (or 88.9mm x 50.8mm).

• Bleed or not to bleed? Do you want your background going to the edge or do you prefer a white edge? If you want your image to bleed off the edge, it has to be ⅛" bigger all around.

• Fonts - Choose something to suit your individual taste, but that will also reproduce good on paper type material. A family of one particular font might be ideal instead of a variety that might confuse the eye. Not too small as well, as the eye cannot "zoom" into the card as you would on a monitor/screen.

• There are many options available, but nowadays, a lot of clients prefer to go "full colour".

• Quantity - At Texprint, we do a minimum of 100 business cards that fit snugly in one of our custom-made boxes.

• Save your file as a PDF, outline the text and embed the jpgs.

• Email us your file/s at and request a quotation.

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